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with Lauren LoGrasso

Unleash Your Inner Creative is an award-winning podcast about the intersection of creativity, spirituality, mental health and self-development. The goal of this show is to give you tools to take fear out of the driver’s seat & love yourself enough to go after whatever it is that is on your heart!


Repressed creativity is the cause of so much of the world's suffering. Whether it's a forgotten dream, a lack of self-expression or fear of starting something new, it causes everything from depression, to anxiety, to overall lack of joy. Beyond that in 50 years, 80% of all jobs will require creativity because it's one of the few things that AI cannot replicate. So it's not just some fluffy, woo-woo thing, it's also a really tangible life skill. Listen to the pod, claim the word creative and start to step into your power. Connect with the creative community and learn how to Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso! See Accolades below if you want more info :) 

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  • Two time Webby Award Winning Show in Creativity and Marketing category 

  • Webby Honoree 2023 in Creativity and Marketing 

  • Featured on Apple Podcasts' New and Noteworthy 37 times

  • Frequently in the top 200 charts in arts in multiple countries

  • Featured in publications such as Podcast Magazine, People Magazine, Yahoo, NBC LX, Cheddar, Business Insider, In Touch Weekly & more

  • Two time People's Choice Podcast Award Nominated Show

  • Four time Communicator Award Winner

  • Hermes Platinum Award Winner

  • W3 Award Winner

  • Three time Signal Award Winner 

  • Has a solid five star rating on Apple Podcasts 

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