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© 2019 by Lauren LoGrasso


The road to glory; that’s Lauren LoGrasso’s truth, and through her powerful soul-pop music, she aims to help empower late bloomers, underdogs and the disenfranchised to go after their dreams, lessen fear’s grip on their life and step into the full essence of who they are. Raised in the suburbs of Detroit and growing up in the theatre, Lauren was highly influenced by the music of Motown and musical theatre. Though, she always loved music and sang a lot, it wasn’t until later in life, that it was revealed that she could also write music. 

Her original dream was to act. She had her BFA in theatre and was pretty sure she would book at series regular in a sitcom within weeks of being here. SPOILER ALERT: that didn’t happen. So with acting breaking her heart, and the loneliness of LA wearing her down, she needed another outlet. That’s where music comes in...You see, while she had been singing since she was three, and taking voice lessons since she was 14, Lauren spent the first 23 years of her life with all of her songs lying dormant in her, waiting to emerge.  It was when she started writing music in her sleep (no joke) that she finally got a grip, listened to the amazing message from the Universe, picked up a guitar and the music started pouring out. Within less than a year of writing her first song, she had played the House of Blues on Sunset and soon after The Viper Room and The Hard Rock Cafe. She spent the next few years focusing on live performance, honing her songwriting skills and developing as a person and an artist. 

By fate ( and by the way of her guitar teacher, Jason Land) she was introduced to Grammy Award Winning producer/fellow Italian, Jeff Bova, who has been her steady ally throughout the entire recording process, and the conduit for so much growth: both musical and spiritual. Though there were many twists and turns, growing pains and even positive/necessary road blocks (including a stint a SiriusXM as a producer and personality and her current side hustle passion as the executive producer of female content on shows such as Girlboss Radio, The Goop Podcast, Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend, Jen Gotch is Okay...Sometimes, Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver and more!) , she is so proud of what they came up with. 

Her music and style has been described as a mixture between Bishopp Briggs and Lady Gaga - brining alternative and soul influences, while popping in her background in music theatre. Her voice is powerful, soulful, honest and constantly growing, just like her. 

Her message is angsty optimism: it’s believing that the best possible outcome will happen in the end, but all of the pain, blood and grit it takes along the way to get there. Her music seeks to empower the underdog, to de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health, encourage listeners to take their power back, overcome and leave abusive situations, always keep going toward their dreams and step into the full essence of who they are. You can hear this in her lead single, Road To Glory